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    A sweet voice was playing in my mind as my grandson walks in with a unique designed hamper holding in his hand this CNY.

    Inspired by the gift-giving practice which expresses one’s gratitude and appreciation to their family and loved ones during festive season, this is the reason why Jin Ye Ye was created about a decade ago since 2008. In fact, our brand name was originated from the Chinese character ‘God of Wealth’ (财神爷), who is believed to be able to bring luck and prosperity to people.

    We started off as a seasonal cookies retailer, to share our joy, love, and happiness to our nearby neighborhood. In the growing process, we successfully transformed ourselves to be a hamper specialist at year 2010. Since then, Jin Ye Ye is committed to break through the stereotyping traditional hampers by introducing innovative hampers that stand out in the market. Thanks for the continuous support from our customers, today; we have our business covered in most of the major shopping malls in Peninsular Malaysia and looking forward to provide better gifting experience to more people out there.

    By promoting the culture of gifting, we hope to spread the warmth of Chinese New Year to more people out there, sharing the joy and happiness of this cheerful atmosphere and reminding them as a part of culture that needed to be passed down over centuries.