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    JYNNS Pineapple Vinegar

    JYNNS Pineapple Vinegar

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    Brand: Jin Ye Ye
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    JYNNS Pineapple Cider Vinegar is produced following ancient vinegar fermentation method by PhuLae NangLae which come from Thailand.It able to restore fatigue and body pH,improve metabolism and regulate blood sugar,enhance digestion, detoxification and complexion,Anti-inflammation and bacteria and relieve cold.

    Recommended Consumption:
    Dilute 15 to 30ml of Pineapple Cider Vinegar with water according to your preference.

    Keep in dry place below 30 °C. Protect from light and moisture.


    • Diabetic patients (once a day after meals)

    • Contraindicated in pregnant women, Please consult your pharmacist / doctor.

    • To avoid any side effect, abstain from taking medication within 2 hours after or before consuming Pineapple Cider Vinegar.

    • Appearance of each product may differ slightly as there is no artificial colouring or preservative added.